Born in 1980 in Trieste, in the North-East of Italy, Silvia started to work in make up industry in 2005 during her degree in Cinema History and Story of Make up in Cinema. She studied make up and hair in several cities of Italy, as Bologna and Milan, and abroad, eager to know more and more about make up having class in New York, Los Angeles, London and Austria. She moved to Florence in 2008 and immediately her career started in fashion industry but after some years she naturally moved in weddings, where she can work with love in the middle of love, with feelings as emotion, excitement, fear, impatience, joy, friendship and be part of that day, with professionalism, calm, empathy and smiles. Fashion had teach her to not loose control in - several - panic moments that can happened in the getting ready room over to "give the look" to be like a Red Carpet Diva in Hollywood!

Silvia also teach since she moved in Florence, at a first time in Rome by Andrea Pop Make up Academy and since 2015  by New Line Academy a luxury Beauty Academy located in Piazza della Signoria.
Silvia also realized a dream in 2021! She opened her first own studio where she welcome brides-to-be for the make up and hairstyling trial and the model to try some particular look.

Silvia Gerzeli